dj ony - 'Experience For Healing' [Club Moss 011]
$5.00 - $10.00

  • dj ony - 'Experience For Healing' [Club Moss 011]

dj ony - 'Experience For Healing' [Club Moss 011]
$5.00 - $10.00

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dj ony delivers an exciting Club Moss debut with Experience for Healing, a 6-track dive into a hardware deep-space rippling with hypnotic synths.

Transbalanced’s submerged bass plunges forward from the very start, joined eventually by a piston-hiss snare and the EP’s first appearance of ony's contemplative keys. ony’s measured handling of the keyboard on all tracks conjures a sense of the tension between practice and improvisation; between following rules and exploring the mysterious territory beyond them.

The onomatopoeic Steamshuffle builds a metallic landscape, curved into shape by gliding synths and marked by the twin peaks of echoing percussion loops. Embers’ wide-open sonic frontier introduces a deeper chapter of the EP which spans through the more organic sonic palette of Precious.

The title track, Experience for Healing, ushers in a new rhythm which underscores more of ony’s explorative keyboard wanderings. Lingering solo notes give way to meditative duets; heavier, orbiting synths float in and out of range; and in the last minute of the track, all of its synthetic voices come together in a mechanical curtain call, with ony’s keyboard as the scene’s unassuming leader.

With every track, ony breathes swirling life into heavy hardware. His characterful animation of nostalgic tech makes for impactful listening, ideal for fans of Huerco S and Mind Everest.

Recorded in Montréal and Leipzig between 2017-2019.
Track 5 recorded with lo-tide.
Mastered by Joseph Buchan
Love to S.Sackel for his kpad and
O.Gilbride for the ms10.
'Tina & Ben' Tpeface by Erik Sachse
Artwork by Lino Rex

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